PCC’s hardworking women’s volleyball team won 3-2 (30-32, 30-24, 30-26, 22-30, 15-13) in its first home game of the season against Glendale City College, on Tuesday.”This is a sleeper team. I think as the season goes on, we’ll surprise everyone,” Lancers Head Coach Tammy Silva said of her team’s building potential.

Early in the first set, setter Amy Stone showed great defensive skills. Teammate Ashley Marshman also contributed with solid serves and the Lancers digs helped level the set, but ultimately Glendale won by two points.

The Lancers fared better in the second set, when their passing coordination came into full effect. With a score of 19-21, a time out was called and Glendale received some animated direction from their coaching staff. Towards the end of the set, Glendale fouled a ball and gave PCC a 29-24 lead.

After a pre-game huddle, a confident PCC walked onto the court ready for the third set.

During the last moments of the set, with a score of 25-26, both Glendale and Pasadena made fierce plays, but PCC was eventually evened things out.

Candace Price scored a critical point for the Lancer’s and broke the tie when she spiked the ball into an unguarded section of Glendale’s court.

PCC trailed for much of the fourth set and despite hard work on the part of libero Marlyn Moradian, Glendale was able to tie game.

With an emotionally invested crowd clamoring for their teams to win, PCC had Glendale trailing for much of the fifth set. A play beginning with a serve by Aliyyah Abdullah led PCC to score the 15th point and take the game.

Outside hitter Marshman said she was proud of her team’s ability to step up and credited much of their success to improved passing. Coach Silva explained that with practice, the team was able to get the job done, especially with regard to those the last seven to eight points of sets.

The victory is a boost for the Lancers after disappointing results on at Santa Barbara tournament against Cuesta College, 0-3 (24-30, 23-30, 20-30), and Santa Barbara City College, 1-3(23-30, 30-22, 19-30, 19-30).

“We’ve been having a hard time finishing, but I think a home game really helped us come together as a team,” said opposite hitter Price.

Next up for the revived team is the South Coast Conference opener 7:30 p.m. Friday at Cerritos College.

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