In what would normally have been at least a two-hour match, the PCC women’s volleyball team trounced LA Trade Tech in straight sets in a 45 minute match Friday.

Kendra Logan, middle blocker, contributed to the 25-14, 25-16, 25-6 win.

“We’re state ranked and I don’t think that Trade Tech has that strong of a program, they haven’t for a while,” she said. “We just kept scoring points and picking out their players to figure out where their weak spots were.”

Samantha Flores, libero, found the game to be an easy win due to team camaraderie.

“It wasn’t that hard of a game at all, it was an easy walk through,” she said. “We had the entire support of our team off court and on.”

Flores noted that the LA Trade Tech team appeared to be very out of sync.

“When I saw them playing and they would mess up they really got mad at each other,” Flores said. “When we would mess up, we would come together to support each other.”

First year head coach Kari Post credited her solid team and consistency in game play to their win. She also noted her team’s extraordinary depth.

“Our team is solid from the very first person on the court to the very last person on the bench,” Post said.

Post is a third generation coach who was given a lot of responsibility the previous year, which she said made her more comfortable than other first time coaches.

Post said the team’s future goals are to win conference and increase their ranking since the top 16 teams get to go to the state playoffs. The team’s next match-ups are LA Harbor on Wednesday at home and Friday at El Camino.

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