“I’m going to fuck her up!”

Tensions were high Tuesday afternoon as the Lancers lost 4-2 to Mt. San Antonio College in their final home game at Robinson Stadium. Anonymously, the statement above was heard at the beginning of halftime after skirmishes between the Lancers’ Midfielder Isabella Gonzalez-Mosqueda and the Mounties’ Midfielder Hannah Grady erupted.

James Membreno/ Courier
Isabella Gonzalez-Mosqueda blocks a pass from a Mt. Sac player on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Head coach Francisco Cantero noted that PCC was trying to play hard.

“They’re definitely playing for the sophomores today because it’s sophomore day,” Cantero said. I haven’t seen them be this physical the whole season and today they got a lot of yellow cards. They tried to match the intensity of Mt. Sac.”

Five yellow cards were given to the Lancers throughout the course of the game. The Lancers have never received more than two yellow cards in any of their matches all season. Magic Berenji, referee during the match, had to step in and talk to the two sides before the second half started.

“[PCC’s Montserrat Menendez] and number eight had an incident,” Berenji said. “I had to tell them to just play the game.”

Midfielder Katy Coats felt that the referee wasn’t managing the game fairly.

“I think that the ref wasn’t fair with a lot of our calls,” said Coats. “He was giving us yellow cards and [Mt. Sac] didn’t get any for the same exact things that they were doing to us. If the ref isn’t calling it both ways it’s unbalanced.”

James Membreno/ Courier
Sophia Noriega passes the ball on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at Jackie Robinson Stadium.

The Lancers had lost to the Mounties 3-0 just last month. Mt. Sac had made 17 shots on goal versus 2 from the Lancers. This time, PCC decided to utilize counter-attacking.

“We knew that they had a lot of pace up top,” Cantero said. “We wanted to defend really well. The last time we played them, they scored 3 goals on us in the first half. This time we wanted to minimize that, and we did by only allowing them one goal. We were looking to counter today.”

The first half went well with the Lancers up 2-1. When the second half started the Mounties managed to tie the score at 2-2, despite the outreaching hands of Goalie Alyssa Holt.

“I barely got a tip on it with my fingers and it so happened that it went in the goal,” Holt said.

The Mounties midfielders and forwards were constantly running past the Lancers defenders in the second half and they were holding possession of the ball the majority of the game. The Lancers looked lethargic chasing the Mounties across the pitch. Forward Kaily Echeverria had to be subbed out twice because she was tired. The shots on goals were increasing to the point where it reflected the first match.

In the end, the Mounties had 18 shots on goal while the Lancers had 3. The final two goals by the Mt. Sac were given up in the 66th and 81st minute, which resulted in 3 goals unanswered.

The Lancers’ final conference match is Friday against the Roadrunners at Rio Hondo College.

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