Thanks to an aggressive game on Tuesday, Lancers Women’s Soccer drove home their first win of the season, with a 2-0 victory against Compton College, bringing their standing up to 1-7-3 at the game’s end.

PCC consistently snatched the ball from Compton’s clutches and turned its path towards the incredibly busy Compton goalie, Rosalyn Ascensio, who had to defend from an assault of 19 shots on goal with 17 saves. Much of that work was happily provided by PCC midfielder Katy Coats, who made 18 of those shots, and one assist in the game.

When asked about her performance, Coats displayed humility common to PCC athletes.

“I think [what] our team finally did was that we finally had connection, and we were keeping the ball down and passing the ball,” Coats said. “We all wanted to score and I think that was the big difference in this game today. Most of the time we feel like girls don’t always want to score, and I feel like everyone was in their head today and wanted to win, and it showed on the field. ”

Not only did she emphasize communication and drive but, but two other team members, Ashley Rivera and Yulissa Macias, they both emphasized how the team had greatly improved on those fronts.

“We didn’t give up, we were trying the whole time… there was good energy and good communication.” said Rivera.

They also demonstrated that the team still has room for growth in that area as well, as while Jocelyn was talking, Macias was mouthing the word ‘communication’ to her teammate in order to make sure that it went on record.

The overall atmosphere in the stands changed during the game as well. The crowd was small, only 57 people were in attendance, and the loudest shouts came from Compton assistant coach Anthony Perez who was consistently encouraging and complimenting his players.

However, as the shots were made, more rallying cries rained down, and a show of solidarity from members of the PCC men’s soccer team seemed to help, as they joined on the stands and in the coaches area, assisting with handing out water, and giving moral support.
PCC played their next game against Harbor College but lost. Their next game is Friday against Mount San Antonio College.

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