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PCC Womens Soccer team plays a home game agaisnt College of the Desert at Robinson Stadium on Friday Sept. 7. Soccer team defeated the other team 6-0.

The crowd at Robinson field enthusiastically cheered the Lancer soccer team in its third game of the season on Sept. 7, when it thrashed College of the Desert with an overwhelming final score of 6-0.

The lancers started out strong, scoring three goals within the first 40 minutes of the game.Â

Half time hit and the score was still 3-0. “At half time, we talked about mistakes of the last game and then came out and focused,” said Hallie White, Nursing.

In the first half of the second period the Lancers played good defense but still not scoring additional points. There were many attempts but the ball kept bouncing off of the goal post, as the crowd sighed.

In the middle of the second period the Lancers scored another point.  “We played well, had good possession” said Amanda Papac, Communication.

With 27 minutes left to go in the game, the Lancers scored another point, as the game headed towards the finish.

“The team has good speed, technical skill and size,” said Coach Randy Lilavois.

The College of the Desert Roadrunners did all they could to get the ball but the Lancers gained control and the crowd screamed as they hit the ball into the net.

As the game neared the end and was at 10 minutes, the Lancers scored again making the final score, 6-0

“We talked before the game about how we had opportunities in the previous game but we did not score a lot of goals. We had a lot of opportunities in this game and we were able to put the ball in the net. That is the big difference,” said Lilavois.

With the season just starting there are many more games to go and the Lancers are prepared.

“ I want to beat teams we are afraid of and get as many goals as we can,” said Papac.

Lilavois talked about his expectations for the season after the game.

“We want to be competitive and go to the conference [finals]. Hopefully we will finish at the top,” said Lilavois.

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