Joe Peron, (Head Coach of the PCC Women's Basketball) is shown walking his team through a scrimmage in preparation for the 2014-15 season. (Saul Villegas/Courier)
Joe Peron, (Head Coach of the PCC Women’s Basketball) is shown walking his team through a scrimmage in preparation for the 2014-15 season. (Saul Villegas/Courier)

Coming off of a 22-8 season that saw the Lancers reach the SoCal regional playoffs, the women’s basketball team will be looking to bounce back this year with a team filled with freshmen.

But for head coach Joe Peron, who is in his 19th season as head coach with an impressive record of 434-125, expectations are high.

“I’m not worried about this team being good,” Peron said. “It’s true that I don’t have the experience that I’ve been used to having over the past few seasons. It’s been a while since I had a team of mostly freshmen. But some of these athletes had really good high school careers.”

One new addition to look out for on the Lancers is point guard Judith Espinoza. A freshman out of Eagle Rock High School, Espinoza won a city championship there while scoring 2,300 points, according to Peron.

“She’s a scoring point guard,” Peron said. “I’ve enjoyed having scoring point guards on my teams. I haven’t had one in a few seasons, so she’s going to be fun to watch out on the court.”

Peron said that he is looking to returning sophomore and team captain Emily Thach to lead the Lancers on and off the court. Thach said that she didn’t know she would be coming back as the team captain, although she is up to the challenge and responsibility that comes along with the job.

“I’m definitely not used to being the leader,” Thach said. “I was more like the little sister last season. But I have a really good team around me this year. I won’t have any problem leading them and I know I can rely on them to help me pick up the slack when need be.”

PCC lost a key asset in the paint, with center Kaitlyn Parks, who grabbed most of the Lancers’ rebounds last season, having moved on. But Thach said the team is still pretty tall. With sophomore Chanelle Fisher at six-foot-three and freshman Dariel Johnson at six-foot-one, Thach said that the Lancers should be fine close to the rim.

“There’s still a lot of talent on the floor,” Thach said.” I feel like we’ll make it back to the playoffs and be able to play well against the good teams out there. It’ll be a good season.”

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