The PCC baseball team sat in the stands on Wednesday, encouraging PCC softball pitcher Angel Wintercorn as she settled into her first no-hitter of the season and an eventual 12-0 mercy rule victory over Compton College.

“She gave up no hits,” said head coach Monica Tantlinger. “She threw a no-hitter which is not very common in softball.” Tantlinger went on to add that she was excited Wintercorn got to throw a no-hitter.

Although Tantlinger felt that the they were off to a slow start, she complimented her team on their in-game adjustments throughout the day. Among the more noticeable adjustments came from a previously struggling Nathalia Velasquez who hit a 2-run shot to center in the 3rd inning, going into the 4th inning with a 4-0 score.

“I was really happy about Nat Velasquez,” said Tantlinger. “She has been struggling a little bit the past couple of games just trying to find her confidence back and find her swing back so it’s nice to see her come out and hit the way she did.”

First baseman Amanda Flores also had herself a notable day at the plate, twice doubling to center.

“Velasquez and Flores hit back to back. It was the number 4 hitter and the number 5 hitter, so it was nice to see them kind of create some damage next to each other.” said Tantlinger on gaining six total bases in two at bats.

As the Lancers went up 3-0 against Compton prior to the homerun, Tantlinger said she was thinking about how the team can make sure that they’re keeping their foot on the gas and not play to the score with a 3-run cushion. However, the Lancers stayed aggressive at the plate, alleviating Tantlinger’s concerns.

“I thought we were really focused and we were doing what we needed to do,” said Velasquez, who still saw room for improvement in her game after missing a fly ball in the first.

Wintercorn stated that she felt that she could have hit her spots better but at the same time was proud of her outing.

“I just knew we had to come out strong,” said Wintercorn. “I’m hoping that we bring the same energy that we had towards the end of this game into the next game.”

As the softball team looks forward to their next game, Velasquez said that getting the first out every inning is one of the main goals they hope for because it’s what sets the tone for their games.

“I hope we keep hitting well, playing as a team, and staying focused,” said Velasquez.

With 20 games left in the 2018 campaign, Tantlinger is hoping that the Lancers continue playing strong softball.

“I want to just make sure we keep playing good softball and we have been,” said Tantlinger. “I felt like a little early on we were playing a little bit tight and a little bit tense. We’re making the routine plays now and I feel like our team is continuing to surge. We’re not focused on the win we’re focused on good softball and whatever happens, happens.”

The Lancers Thursday game against Cerritos has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 21. Their upcoming game is on Saturday, March 17 at Orange Coast.

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