Laughing in disbelief, Camilia Grases locked eyes with teammate Christy Lam (4 goals), after a scored goal from half-way down the pool in a 16-1 game-one rout of the Santa Ana Dons Saturday Morning.

“I feel like when I doubt it a little, it goes in,” Said Grases.

The victory against Santa Ana was followed three hours later by a 10-7 loss to the tournament winners, San Diego Miramar. While two wins would have been ideal, the trip was a valuable warm up for PCC.

“We’re here to learn,” head coach Terri Stoddard explained after game one. “In our conference championship we have to play two games [in one day] to advance, so this is a practice for that. Practicing two games in one day is part of a championship so that’s why we do it.”

A double-header in water polo is incredibly strenuous, perhaps more so than double-headers in any other sport. Many players stay in the pool for the duration of both games and while athletes are standing in most other sports water polo players are not allowed to support themselves on the pool floor or walls at any point during play.

“Just straight exhaustion,” Amy Jennings, head coach of San Diego Miramar , explained. “You cannot stop, you cannot touch the bottom, conditioning is key.”

The team conditions for double-headers by practicing roughly 21 hours per week, according to freshmen center Yesenia Marin.

Marin dominated the tournament with a total of eight goals, while Grases tallied three after scoring against San Diego.

Just days before, the Lancers opened the season with an 18-11 loss to Chaffey college. Zuri Pulido led the team with four goals and two assists in addition to freshman Marie Lee’s first collegiate score.

PCC is now 1-2 overall, the losses came against teams that they fell to early last season. The same is true of their next opponent, Cerritos. PCC faces them on the road Wednesday, Sept. 13th at 3 p.m.

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