Lancers volleyball beat Chaffey College in four sets on Wednesday, their fifth win in a row and their second win of the South Coast Conference North Division.

The Lancers started off shaky during the first set. Not enough contact was made on both offense and defense, which resulted in a loss in the first set.

However, head coach Mike Terrill made some changes that helped them win the second set, 25-19.

“We were trying to make some adjustments, but it looked a little frantic at times, so I think we need to be patient when we’re contacting the ball,” coach Terrill said.

Going into sets three and four, both teams battled when it came to making contact. Any time the Lancers got a kill, the Panthers responded with a block of their own. Both teams made the game interesting.

“Our outside hitters put it away, our passing was great, and we did a lot better in serving,”Lania Potter said. “After that first set, I feel like that loss pushed us.”

The Lancers had a total of 55 kills, 12 serving aces, and 62 digs. Sophomore starting outside hitter Rayleen Rivera contributed 19 kills as well as 4 serving aces and 3 blocks.

Pasadena started to get a little too comfortable during the fourth set and Chaffey capitalized on it. The Panthers managed to get 12 kills in the fourth and final set, but the Lancers shut them down and won the match in four.

“We had more communication and played smarter … I’m confident in my team and I knew were going to come out strong,” Chyna Peeler said.

The Lancers match up against East Los Angeles College in their SCC North home opener on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. in the Hutto-Patterson Gym.

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