The track and field team had their first meet in two weeks, and while there was a slight delay due to weather conditions, the women’s team struggled early on, while the men’s time excelled throughout the day.

PCC’s track and field team were ready to compete, even with a slight delay due to weather conditions; however, none of the athletes slipped or got injured.

Though it may seem difficult to run in the rain, the athletes said that you just need to have the proper training and the right coaches to help. Some of the athletes think that running and competing in the rain is tolerable and it’s pretty easy.

“In my opinion, yeah, you know a lot of training and plus I have previous training so we had to run in the rain; so it’s pretty easy and pretty tolerable for me to run in the rain,” said Imani Martin.

The coaches and the rest of the team kept encouraging the athletes that were competing in certain events. For example, when people were competing in jumping, everyone would clap in sync and their clapping would get louder.

When asked how an athlete can improve from this meet, coaches said how the athletes just need to believe in themselves and in the coach.

The coaches continued on and said they just got to practice more and learn from this meet. Though the team had done their best and they placed in the top three in some of the events, the athletes want to work harder for the next meet and improve even more.

“He’s gotta believe in his coach and do what his coach tells him to do. If he does what the coach tells him what to do and believes in the hard work and the time he puts into the work, he’ll improve,” said, assistant coach, Patrick Williams.

Although the team didn’t win first place in all the events, they were in the top three and in the 20 events, they placed in 4th or in 5th. The coaches said the team had practiced the event that they needed to improve the most. The coaches also stated how proud they were to be the track and field coaches and how it’s a rewarding job. When asked about how it was like being a coach, the coaches seemed to really love their jobs.

“It’s a pretty fun rewarding job, you know, it’s not like your typical day to day desk job so you get to be on the track, on the field with the athletes. Part of the job description involves being a little active as well, kinda moving around a lot, so it’ s cool, it’s very rewarding when you get to see an athlete improve throughout the season” said, assistant coach Tony Rivera.

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