The Lancers interconference matchup saw a potential late inning comeback and controversial calls in a 5-4 loss on Tuesday afternoon to LA Harbor.

PCC’s starting pitcher Matt Orozco struggled mightily as he gave up 3 runs during first inning, and the offense didn’t help out by not producing a run until the sixth inning. Orozco finished with an ERA of 7.36 giving up 5 hits, and had 5 strikeouts in 3.2 innings pitched.

“I was throwing my fastballs down the middle … the first hit started the momentum for them and it just carried on.” Orozco said. “[I] gotta make sure my first inning is as strong as my other innings because the first inning dictates whether you have a good start or a bad start.”

The Lancers comeback started in the sixth inning when freshman Johnny Cedeno came off the bench to hit a 2 RBI single up the middle. He continued the rally in the bottom of the 8th inning, with the bases loaded and no outs Cedeno hit a grounder that resulted in another RBI.

“I saw the opportunity and I just ran with it. [I] hit [the ball] up the middle and scored two. [The pitcher] threw me a fastball down the middle and I said ‘If I see that fastball again I’m taking it up the middle’ and that’s what I did,’’ Cedeno said about his 2 RBI single in the sixth.

“It’s great to see Johnny contribute today and get an opportunity to play more. I’m looking forward to his opportunity on Thursday and see if he can run with it,” head coach Pat McGee said about Cedeno.

Freshman Andrew Scannell also tacked on an RBI.

During the top of the fourth inning tempers flared when a routine ground ball turned into a runner’s interference which cost the Seahawks a run on the play. The interference occurred when the hitter ran down the first baseline and as the ball approached the first baseman the hitter collided with the fielder.

Vic Zepeda, the first baseman for PCC was down for several minutes after the collision. He was able to finish the game. The contact made it impossible for Zepeda to make the catch so the umpire called the interference. The play resulted in the hitter being out and base runners who had advanced were forced to go back to their original base. The head coach for the Seahawks was irate with the call and argued it for several minutes.

“The guy was running inside the baseline so it was the correct call,” McGee said. “[LA Harbor’s coaches] were saying the runner arrived at the same time as the ball… it’s not when the ball arrives, it’s what leads the throw being in that inappropriate spot and that’s where the runner is at the time that the fielder plays it.”

The Lancers bats came alive when they wrapped up their series with the Seahawks on Thursday at LA Harbor in a massive 20-4 win. Freshman third baseman Marco Martinez lead the way going 4-4 with 3 RBI’s and a home run.

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