Pasadena softball is now 5-5 overall after rallying late in the fifth inning to beat Long Beach City College (LBCC) two runs to one at home on Wednesday and embarrassing El Camino College Compton Center (ECCC) fourteen runs to none on the road Friday.

The Lancers bats got off to a slow start Wednesday afternoon, not getting their first hit until the third inning, but were supported by their impenetrable outfield and tremendous pitching.

Star sophomore shortstop, Karina Moreno, had a dazzling double play to end the second inning.

“That play was huge for us,” said Head Coach Monica Tantlinger. “Anytime you can stop the momentum of a good hitting team you are going to put yourself in a position for success. It was a quick turn and just what we needed.”

In addition, Jamie Hammon and Angel Wintercorn had double plays of their own. Wintercorn, who pitched six innings, only allowed five hits. The most impressive moment of the game, however, came when center fielder Angel Urbine was able to throw a runner out from deep in the outfield after bobbling the ball for a brief moment.

“I was so happy [the runner made a play for third],” Urbine said. “Because I knew I was going to throw her out, I just knew it.”

Ultimately, the Lancers sent LBCC home with a loss after Pasadena’s veteran pitcher Pica Madrid struck out Viking’s first baseman, Julia Juarez, swinging in the top of the seventh inning.

After a well-earned win at home, the Lancers went on the road on Thursday to take on the ECCC Tartars in a cross-conference matchup.

Michael Watkins/Courier
Karina Moreno of Pasadena City College throws to first from her knees after a diving stop.

The Lancers had no problem finding their groove and took advantage of an obvious hole in the Tartars pitching early in the first inning.

Moreno, who was first up to bat for Pasadena, was walked on a four-ball count which sent the Lancers dugout into a savage chant of, “We love free bases! We love free bases!” Moreno went on to steal second, third and home.

Michael Watkins/Courier
Bree Howard of Pasadena City College sends one deep to center for a 2 run home run in the first inning.

In the first inning alone, Bree Howard hit a two-run home run high over center field and Brittany Gonzales scored on an unearned run.

Lancers pitcher Lauren “LJ” Jackson had an impressive performance, facing 18 batters and allowing only four hits total.

“I thought LJ did a great job. She put us in a position to win this ball game in the fashion that we did,” said Pitching Coach Stephanie Marshall. “Her offseason was great. She just worked on her conditioning and worked a lot on her drop-ball, which we used a lot today.”

Michael Watkins/Courier
Lauren Jackson pitches against El Camino College Compton Center on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2017.

Jackson was complemented by a defense that had another three double plays on the day and operated like a well-oiled machine.

“[Over the offseason] we actually recruited outfielders. We had a little bit of a slower outfield last year that I wanted to help compensate for,” said Tantlinger. “Angel Urbina in centerfield has been an amazing addition for us. She goes back on balls so well she’s got a freakin’ gun.”

The Lancers ended the game early due to the mercy rule and headed home to prepare to take on the 7-1 Cerritos College Falcons on Tuesday at Robinson Park.

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