Pasadena softball started out last week losing to Mt. San Antonio College, 7-3, on Tuesday but came back strong, shutting out El Camino College, 6-0, in a battle for third place at Robinson Park on Thursday afternoon.

Mt. SAC added to their 9-game winning streak after taking an early lead, scoring three runs in the first inning and remaining in control for the remainder of the game.

Head coach Monica Tantlinger hoped that the tournament Pasadena played in the previous weekend would have better prepared the Lancers for a team as formidable as Mt. SAC.

“I thought we did some good things in the Santa Barbara tournament to prepare us for a better battle against Mt. SAC,” Tantlinger said. “We put ourselves in a hole and even though we fought back, it was too tough to overcome.”

The Lancers quickly refocused for their game on Thursday against El Camino, who blew them out, 9-1, when they played at home earlier this season.

Anais Sustayta has six runs batted in (RBIs) for the Lancers this season.

“We need to work harder,” Sustayta said.

The Lancers capitalized early against El Camino when Jahaira Badillo hit a solo home run off the third base foul line pole to put the Lancers up in the first inning.

Pasadena scored again in the second inning and allowed only three hits in the first three innings.

“We did everything we needed to do,” Tantlinger said. “On offense, we were patient, we waited for our pitch. On defense, we took care of the ball.”

In the third inning, when Pasadena had two runners on base, Derek Blow stepped up the plate and hit a home run just over the right field wall, sending an El Camino player stumbling over.

Alyssa Madrid pitched a beautiful game, facing 26 batters and struck out two. Pasadena’s defense allowed El Camino to reach third base only once because of a delay of game penalty.

Madrid said “it felt really good” to hold El Camino to zero runs.

“The last time we played them, we didn’t play our best,” she said.

Pasadena will play Long Beach City College on Tuesday where catcher Holly Riker-Sloan hopes to maintain a “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” mentality.

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