(Illustrated by: Mick Donovan)
(Illustrated by: Mick Donovan)

Sports are more than just a game to many. It is a form of entertainment that can help the morale of a city, its economy and bring its people together. So is it ever OK to root for the away team?

Most will say that if your city has a team then you should root for them as a sign of support and pride in your city. Freddie Barrow, engineering, agrees with this point of view but also does not see anything wrong with rooting for an away team, as long as it’s in moderation.

“I have pride for my team,” said Barrow. “I’m from New Orleans so I have to rep that but at the same time I like the Clippers,” he said. “I’m a Saints fan but I like Peyton Manning.”

Victor Ramos, biology, also adheres to this point of view but feels that it is appropriate to root for the away team only if your city does not have a home team to root for.

“Living in L.A., for certain sports I root for the home team but with football I go outside of the state and root for the Green Bay Packers,” said Ramos. “And I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that since L.A. doesn’t have a football team.”

Even though their city might have a team, some, like Cedric Crane, business management, chooses to adopt another team based on personal reasons. A native of Texas, Crane was raised a Dallas Cowboys fan but grew to like another team as well.

“I’m from Texas and I am a Cowboy’s fan but from my own knowledge of football I am a Baltimore Ravens fan,” said Crane.

Crane feels that it is OK to root for multiple teams because the reason most root for a team is not one of choice but tradition.

“A lot of people choose the teams they do because of traditions of their families or where they live,” he said.

Evan O’Mera, the PCC baseball coach, also feels that professional sports are fair game as far as what team’s people can root for.

“I don’t really care about professional sports too much,” said O’Mera. “It’s more of an entertainment value in pro sports.”

But as far as school sports go, O’Mera says that part of being a student is showing support for your school.

“You have an obligation as a student to root for the team that bares the mascot or the school you attend,” he said.

While rooting for the away team might not always be popular, it is something that can add flavor to the sports community in which you live in.

Yvette Bastidas, art, feels that it is just adds to the diversity that makes this country so great.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Bastidas. “If you go to school with different races, why not live in an area with people who go for different teams.”

So the next time you are at the ballpark and the home team doesn’t win, just remember it might be a shame for you but a victory for someone else.

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