Women’s badminton did not expect to beat the Huskies 21-0 in an away match this Wednesday afternoon at East Los Angeles Community College (ELAC).

Coach Jennifer Ho expected ELAC to return strong this semester and was pleasantly surprised when she and the team continued their three win streak.

“We expected a hard competition, but they did not give us one” said Ho, “we beat them pretty bad.”

According to Ho, freshman player Grace Bajar engaged in an intense game on Wednesday. Bajar strived through all three sets. Ho said that she promised the Lancers donuts if they beat the Huskies and that’s the reason why Bajar succeeded in this game.

Even after a win, Bajar was not completely satisfied in her performance.

“I’m left handed, and it had been a long time since I played another lefty. . . you try to hit it to the player’s backhand, and I had a little bit of trouble hitting it to that side,” Said Bajar. “I definitely feel like I could have played better.”

The team received an abundance of praise from their coach and she was impressed by the effort and cohesiveness that the team brought to the court. There was one specific player that Ho believes went above and beyond.

Natalie Ong, a returning sophomore, scored the best throughout the game. Ong is one of two sophomore students on the team.

“Natalie is my best player. . . I’m so proud of that girl, she always gives me 110% she takes every match seriously no matter who her opponent is,” said Ho.

The Lancers had a tough past and were not so successful at bringing in wins, but with an experienced team with early success this season, Ho is enthusiastic about this year.

The Lancers match against El Camino College on Wednesday afternoon was postponed and has yet to be rescheduled. They will see action next on Friday March 16 at DeAnza College at 5:00pm.

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