New season, new players, new team. This is what PCCs women’s soccer team is looking forward to in its games ahead. With six games left in the season, a 1-5 standing, and 14 games ahead of them, the team is trying to formulate the best system to beat their rivals.

Two weeks ago the women’s soccer team won against Victor Valley with a sudden change in formation, scoring a sweeping 8-0 shutout. But, in their most recent games their new system was tested by Moorpark, a more equally matched team, losing 2-0. And again losing 4-0 against Orange Coast.


“We did 4-3-3 and then 2 or 3 games were decided, maybe it’s not working.—let’s switch it,” freshmen forward Juanita Diaz said. “There are other teams that work on a formation for years, and we switched it in four days. I think it’s just been a tough transition. It definitely works better for us. I think it’s just a matter of adjusting to it and letting loose.”

The team recently changed from a 4-3-3, an attacking formation used by many professional modern soccer teams. The 4-3-3 formation consists of a back four, three central and mid field players, two wing players, and one center forward. While the new 3-5-2 formation consists of three central defenders with wing blockers, three midfielders, and 2 converted strikers.

Transitions and team bonding has been a real issue for a lot of the sports teams in PCC. With players transferring, and moving on from PCC, the team chemistry resets every new season. In comparison to those in University teams that nurture that teamwork and chemistry for four years. It’s tough for the coaches and players to get in-sync with everyone’s personality and playstyle.

“It’s been tricky, just because we’ve been practicing [the 4-3-3 formation] over the summer,” sophomore midfielder Emelyn Meza said. “We kinda had an idea of what the team would be like. But coming into a game, it felt completely different— just because we didn’t have that on-the-field chemistry. There are not a lot of returners. “

With only four returners from the last season, and only two sophomore starters, the women’s soccer team is still in its inception. With the transition in formation, testing out new positions and creating that teamwork chemistry the team is still workshopping. 

Friday, September 14, the women’s soccer team is competing against the LA Valley Monarchs at Robinson Stadium. With a 1-1 standing on home field, the Lancers are ready to take stand on their season turning game. Will they finally click into gear with their new system or slide back into their old one?

“I think we’re kinda experimenting on some of the girls’ positions,” sophomore Jaqueline Gonzalez said. “ We’re all good individually, we just need to find a rhythm.”

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