After playing two games and one start as Lancers’ quarterback, sophomore transfer Ian Brian has quit the team and left Pasadena.

Head coach Steven Mojarro details the incident when Brian decided to quit, “It was just a sudden thing. He came in on Monday and we talked. He just told me a lot of things that were very personal, and things that me as a coach and former player I could understand, you know just his parent’s situation and it was just one of those things. He had to leave.”

Brian was put in at quarterback in the Lancer’s season opener after an injury to starter Adam Besana vs Long Beach. Brian threw for 223 yards and two touchdowns in the loss. He followed up the next week by throwing for 394 yards against San Bernardino. At the time of his departure, Brian was the No. 3 quarterback in the State of California.

Coach Mojarro thinks that Brian was just burnt out from prior heartbreak. “Going to Southeastern Louisiana, the feeling is he kind of lost a little bit of his love for the game there. He went in there as a starter and then all of a sudden you go to the Division I level and you’re a backup, you’re sitting there waiting and you start to doubt yourself.”

Brian won a State Championship with Catholic High School in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, Brian did not receive any scholarship offers from the big schools in his area, such as LSU.

Brian played his Freshman season at Southeastern Louisiana, a Division I school, but was never named a starter, and remained a backup for most of the year. Coach Mojarro understood Brian’s frustrations, saying, “[When] you go to the Division I level and you’re a backup, you’re sitting there waiting, and you start to doubt yourself.” In order to get more playing time, Brian decided to transfer to PCC in hopes that a big Division I school would see his progress and give him another opportunity.

However, it seems that the self-assurance of the two games at PCC was all Brian needed. “I think when he came out to California, he proved to everybody that he was really good. I think he realized that he was a good player, but at the same time he had some personal things he wanted to go home and take care of,” said Mojarro.

Brian was a great student, according to Mojarro. He was taking classes to become a doctor, and will most likely pursue a medical career now that his playing days are over. Coach Mojarro says that fears of CTE did not play any part in Brian’s decision. “[CTE] was one of those things he was aware of, but we told him to come in and get tested and everything was fine.”

Brian was contacted for his thoughts, but did not respond. PCC is 1-1 in his absence.

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