A collegiate baseball season is a long, tough grind that only a few can tough out. Playing 40 games while balancing school work and your social life is not an easy accomplishment. Even after all the hard work and dedication a player puts himself through, it can ultimately end up in disappointment. That is what unfortunately happened to Pasadena City College’s baseball team for the third straight year.

After another stellar season under head coach Pat McGee, the team made the playoffs for the third straight year, tying a PCC record. After a playoff win against Citrus to advance them to the next round, their bats fell silent, and their pitching was roughed up by El Camino.

“El Camino has the two of the best pitchers in the state,” McGee said, referring to El Camino’s Jimmy Galicia and Aaron Orozco. “They minimized our hits, and overall, they had a better game plan than us.”

James Membreno/ Courier
Vic Zepeda tries to tag an El Camino player on the pick-off play at first on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at Jackie Robinson Field in Pasadena, Calif.

El Camino was ranked second in the state while the Lancers were ranked 15th. Even though it seemed unmatched, the team was up for the challenge. PCC did not play well, but they felt like they had a chance the whole way.

“[El Camino] had some lucky breaks,” pitcher Gordon Ingebritson said. “A ball tipped off my glove, and if we had made the play, it would have stopped their rally. The ump also wasn’t helping with his tight zone.”

Even after a third year playoff exit, there is still many positives to take away from the season. Winning 25 games over the course of the season is no small feat. Before McGee became head coach, PCC had failed to win that many games this century.

James Membreno/ Courier
Gabriel Arellano makes the running catch in center field on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at Jackie Robinson Field.

“These young men go through the process, and I am proud of every one of them,” coach McGee said reflecting on the season. “Being a student athlete is hard, and I don’t want to minimize the entire season into one weekend.”

Many notable accomplishments were achieved this season. Ingebritson became the most winning pitcher in the school’s history. Gabriel Arellano got 70 hits this season, a new record, and got co-MVP recognition for it.Even as sophomores like Ingebritson and shortstop Ryan Lewis transfer out of the program, there is no fear that PCC won’t retain their success.

“There has been so much growth in our program, and I expect that trend to continue,” McGee said. “Everyone now knows that when you play for Pasadena, you’re competing for a state championship.”

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