With South Coast Conference playoffs on the horizon, hopes for Lancers seem to be slim but still possible as their two games against ELAC and Mt. San Antonio(MT.SAC) ended in ties keeping them in contention.

James Membreno/ Courier
Cesar Flores-Bravo kicks a pass down field on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at Robinson Field.

PCC dropped a dramatic eleven spots in the South Coast Conference power rankings slipping from their No. 17 spot to an abysmal No. 28. The power rankings have not been updated since the 1-1 tie against ELAC earlier in the week.

“I’m honestly impressed and surprised we’re still able to qualify for playoffs,” said defender Bryce Watkins. “Everybody here is a first year there’s only 6 sophomores on the squad so we have to put extra effort and it’s showing.”

MT.SAC disheartened Lancers as they took control in the first half of the game. They scored two goals back to back at minute 24:36 and 29:07. The score remained 2-0 for the rest of the first half until Lancers unexpectedly responded by scoring back to back goals of their own in the final 3 minutes provided by defender Ben Vigil and Bryce Watkins.

MT.SAC currently holds the second spot in conference power rankings. The reason why the Lancers are still in contention for the playoffs is because when they score on a team higher ranked than them, there’s a bonus added on to their ranking, which they benefited from when they tied ELAC, who rank fifth.

Lancers seemed to find their footing beginning the second half as in minute 65:00, midfielder David Vasquez-Mena scored with the assistance of Watkins.

“Both teams came out hungry but we just got too comfortable,” stated midfielder Santana Nunez.

Lancers seemed to have cruise control on the rest of the game, sitting at 3-2 for the majority of the second half until at the final second at minute 90:00 MT.SAC scored a last minute goal pushing the game into overtime adding three minutes.

Those three minutes never came as a controversial yellow card given to Lancer Eduardo Gonzales sent both teams into a frenzy as they began to all full on fight. Even benched players on both teams ran on the field to add on to the chaos until the coaches and even some parents from the stand had to intervene. The game resulted in a 3-3 tie following this event.

“Soccer is an emotional support and they’re our rivals so like it really got to us that they tied the game up.” said Bryce Watkins.

“We have to win these next two games and we’re in.” said assistant coach Christian Acosta.

Lancers continue to walk on thin ice as they need to not only win their next two games against Rio Hondo and El Camino, but they have to outscore them by a significant amount to qualify for South Coast Conference playoffs.

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