On Friday, September 4, 2022, the Lancers men’s soccer team took to the field at Robinson Stadium to play their third game of the season and tie the Palomar College Comets 2-2. 

The Lancers went into the second period trailing the Comets 2-0. But, in the second half, enduring the punishing afternoon sun, the team rallied.

“We started off kinda slow. But as the game progressed we played pretty well. Got more aggressive, and we got two goals,” said Michael Sampson, left-forward and first year team member. 

“We are doing really well. No losses, which is really good. 2 wins, 1 tie. So, I have a lot of hope for the season.” 

For much of the first half of the game, the Lancers were on the defensive. The team was stuck on their side of the field, defending the goal. But first year goalie Chris Morozan held it down, ending the game with 5 saves. 

“We’re a pretty good team, compared to last year. We just gotta pick it up a little bit, not slack off, and then just improve everything.” said team center-back, Edson Zamarron.

One of a handful of players returning to the team. Zamarron attributed much of the team’s success to their chemistry. 

“We actually bond as a team,” Zamarron said. 

Heading into the second period, the Comets rested in the shade of a tent, drinking water and bustling around. While the Lancers huddled on the field, in the sun. They returned from the huddle apparently reinvigorated, ready to dig themselves out of that 2-0 hole. 

“Team culture is way better. The synergy is good.” said Head Coach Gerry Mora. 

When questioned about the source of the team’s strong season opening, Mora credited the success to the influx of fresh faces. Both goals scored in the second half were scored by first year team members, Kevin Marquez and Esai Matchan. Assisted by fellow first years, Osmar Rojas and Brian Asaije. Finally, it was Chris Morozan’s block within the last two minutes of the game that clinched the tie. 

“I only got like four or five returnees. I had to let go of certain people that were not buying into the system, the philosophy. Like, ‘Sorry, but this is not the right program for you.’ So, we have a lot of young talent. They stepped up. They’re very receptive. And they were able to battle even with this heat,” Mora said.  

The team will play again this coming Tuesday, September 6th, 7:30 PM at Glendale Community College’s Sartoris Field. 

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