The Pasadena City College women’s soccer team scored their biggest win in 20 years as they trounced the West Los Angeles Wildcats, 11-1, on Wednesday at Robinson Stadium.

The rout came on the heels of a tough game against Oxnard College, where the evenly matched teams had to settle for a 3-3 tie. Smarted by their inability to pull off the victory, the Lancers returned home and worked hard to correct their mistakes – with spectacular results.

“It was really rough,” said Midfielder Katy Coats, who scored a total of six goals between the two games. “We did a lot better due to practice.”

It took some time for the team to find its stride during the first half of the game, with the Wildcats defense neutralizing their advance down the field multiple times. It did not last. An assist from fellow Midfielder Jillian Demasi and a hard shot by Coats from the 15 yard line put the Lancers on the scoreboard. Coats scored another goal on a corner shot six minutes later.

The Wildcats managed to get their first – and only – goal at the end of a ten yard drive. PCC’s Kaily Echeverria cracked a bullet into the back of the net, resulting in a solid 1-3 lead going into the second half.

The Wildcats fell apart in the second half, spreading too far out and struggling to keep up with the Lancers’ relentless offense. Numerous loose balls and deft steals resulted in goals from Lancers Amanda Howard, Ashley Rivera, Isabella Gonzalez, Priscilla Lucero, and multiple more from Coats and Demasi. The morale of WLAC was utterly dashed, and they retreated into the locker room to lick their wounds.

“We didn’t reach our full potential in the first half. We were mentally strong throughout the whole game,” said Assistant Coach Anthony Jimenez.

“We wanted to win more,” admitted Demasi, in regard to the previous game against Oxnard. “In the second half, we picked it up. We were connecting more, making more passes, and we were more patient with the ball.”

Aside from practice and determination, coach and team rapport played a significant part in the team’s performance.

“We have really great coaches and team chemistry,” said Coats.

The Lancers will be hitting the road to face the East Los Angeles Huskies on Oct. 1 at 4 p.m.

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