After losing the past four games and only having one win under their belt, the women’s soccer team has come out victorious once again with a 6-2 final score against LA Valley College. The win did more than boost just their status, it brought confidence to the team who have had a rocky start to their season.

Being on the road the last two weeks in a hundred degree weather has had an affect on the team as well as their fans. In particular Kristin Belli, captain Gabby Morales’ mother, who has attended every game since the start of the season. 

“They really need a home win today,” said Belli. “They’ve been out on the road for the last four games and even had to postpone a game against Santa Monica — that was a bummer. But they’re playing with a lot of fire today and that’s good.”

A lot of fire was seen on the field on Friday. It took the Lancers the first five minutes of the first half to get warmed up before they had LA Valley rattled up and were dominating the ball. In the 19th minute the first goal was made by forward Meghan Schmidt and four minutes later, she scored the second. By the end of the match, she had scored three out the six goals.

“We’ve had a tough time with our games lately and playing at home really brought us back,” said Schmidt. “So scoring at home is always a good thing.”

The increase in confidence was noticeable in the girls’ attitudes with constant cheers coming from the bench and nonstop communication on the field.

During halftime there was constant laughter and high energy coming from the Lancers as opposed to the other side where it was clear LA Valley was visibly agitated by their lackluster performance.

However, PCC remained unfazed by their poor attitude, even when no. 4 of the opposing team kicked one of the Lancers in the stomach. That caused a small altercation but it was quickly taken care of by the referee. However, it was not dealt with quickly enough for the bench and the crowd where there was a few gasps and angry yells out to the referee. 

In the end, the boost in confidence was evident throughout the team as they greeted fans after the game with a positive attitude. Also, Schmidt successfully scored the last goal becoming the player of the match while keeping the same high energy she and the team started off with. The Lancers secured a win after their losing streak hoping to gain some steam and finally get out of a slump.

“We’ve been playing some tougher teams I felt like LA Valley showed right that they’re pretty tough as well but I’m glad to be able to have [this] result,” said head coach Terryn Soelberg, “You know we needed another win under our belt so it’s good for our confidence and it hopefully propels [us] into next week.” 

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