Lancers quarterback Kade Wentz faked the hand off, took three steps back in the pocket, glanced at his receiver Jeremiah Hartfield on the right side of the field and released the football milliseconds before getting knocked back by a Monarch defender. The throw was less than perfect, but the underthrown ball gave Jeremiah Hartfield enough time to stick his left foot into the ground, cut and turn upfield through the remaining secondary defenders and show the Monarchs a glimpse of the speed, going up 28-6 in the second quarter.

PCC aggressively aired it out against the Monarchs all night. 

With two seconds left in the second quarter instead of attempting a field goal or taking a knee, Wentz chucked it down the left hand side of the field to a covered receiver in Justin Campbell who fell into the fetal position in order to protect the football from his defender. Wentz is the new maestro in PCCs aired out attack. The second year signal caller went 12-19 with 278 yards and 4 touchdowns in an effort to tie their highest scoring total at PCC since 2017, running away with the game 58-27.

Prior to the start of the season, head coach Robert Tucker responded to a question, stating that PCC had a tremendous amount of talent at the skill position with student-athletes such as Jeremiah Hartfield, Justin Campbell, and Jabari Kindle, but they were rarely highlighted in a losing effort against Cerritos College. 

That all changed Saturday night when Wentz and the three Js combined for a total of 9 receptions, 233 yards receiving, and 4 touchdowns. 

“I think all of the guys including Kade, Edward, and Wheeler,” Tucker said. “I think we have some great athletes at the skill positions on offense. I think the offensive line has done a good job at protecting and holding up. We’re really looking to get those athletes the ball in space and let them work.”

Wide receiver Jeremiah Hartfield had an explosive game against the Monarchs. He finished the game with five receptions, 139-yards, and 4 touchdowns. There were a few plays where the defender was parallel running down the field with Hartfield, but once the ball was in his hands, he left them in the dust. 

#9 Justin Campbell catches the football and heads to the end zone for a touchdown at a scrimmage play against LA Valley College at Pasadena City College on Saturday September 11, 2021. The final score was Pasadena City College defeating LA Valley 58-30.

“I’m able to slow play how I want against a defender and use his speed to my advantage,” Hartfield said. “It’s all about watching film and watching what they’re going to do on Saturday and executing what you’re going to do.”

Jabari Kindle is another one of the PCCs skill position players that is used in the run game and the pass game for the Lancers. He finished the day with three yards rushing and 33 yards receiving. Kindle loved that the Lancers were airing it out all game long. 

“As a wide receiver I love pass plays,” Kindle said. “I started off at a high school where we passed the ball 90 percent of the game, so that’s what I was accustomed to. My favorite thing to do is run routes and get open. Running routes is an art to me.”

The only thing that wasn’t clicking against the Monarchs was the run game. The Lancers only managed to 3.9 yards per rush, which is something that the Lancers would like to do better in the future. Coach Tucker acknowledged that they didn’t run the football well, but is mindful of the stat and highlighted that they weren’t receiving the looks that they felt they could take advantage of. 

“Another guy that we see in the mix there with those other athletes is Miles Anderson,” Tucker said. “He’s a really phenomenal running back. I think in this deal we obviously want to be able to run the ball. We want to be able to run the ball on offense and stop the run on defense. That’s really important for us. But I think sometimes you have to take what teams are giving you. And I thought the offense did a good job with that. They were giving us certain things that we couldn’t pass up. In this case and in this game, it wasn’t a running type game for us.”

The Lancers play this upcoming Saturday, September 18 at Santa Monica College. Again, fans will not be able to attend the game in person, but can be viewed live stream on Twitch.

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