The Lancers remain undefeated in Badminton after Friday’s win against De Anza and Wednesday’s win against El Camino, allowing just 3 out of 42 matches to slip through the cracks.

PCC destroyed El Camino and De Anza with a huge lead of 19-2 and 20-1 respectively, giving solid foundation to fourth year head coach Jenifer Ho’s premonition of becoming state champions

“They were state champions last year, and I expect them to win this year” she said at the start of the season.

So far Badminton stands unrivaled with an exemplary 7-0 season record. But they don’t have the championship won just yet.

“We have more games after, but it will get harder” said returning sophomore Amy Huang. “We have tournaments against the North and the South, they are actually a lot stronger…a lot stronger”

The Lancers have a couple teams to be on the lookout for, including Irvine Valley  and Grossmont (5-2)

Amy Huang and Natalie Ong are a couple names to be on the look-out for in the push towards a Lancer championship. The two returning veterans are back from last year and are changing up their styles to become even better than before.

“I don’t like losing. I want to keep my record, I haven’t lost any games, so I want to finish it” Huang said, gripping an ice pack to her hand. “I don’t want to play defense anymore, defense doesn’t help you all the time, you have to attack to get points”       

Coach Ho is really pushing the team during practice in terms of stamina, and the girls are going to need it this year if they are going to make the long drive to the state championship.

“Practice helps a lot with conditioning and our shots being more consistent.” said Natalie Ong.

PCC goes up against East Los Angeles College in an away game this Friday the 13 at 2 p.m.

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