The Lancers badminton team lost to Irvine Valley College Lasers 14-7, Wednesday March 16 at Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium. The loss brought the Lancers their second loss within their first of three matches of the season and head coach Jennfier Ho her first South Coast Conference loss in eight years. 

“Irvine Valley College has been their most formidable opponent for the last few years as they are always state finalists,” Ho said. 

To make matters worse, this was coach Ho’s first loss to Irvine Valley College since coming to PCC in 2015. PCC has defeated the Lasers twice in Ho’s tenure, once in 2016 and once in 2018. When asked about the loss, coach Ho stated the Lancers are confident that they will avenge their loss when they meet again.

Much of the size and experience of the team is due to the pandemic. It has not only affected the lives of over 6 million people, but it has managed to run its course through the locker room. The Lancers badminton roster consists of seven freshmen. Their lack of experience will be their biggest challenge. 

“Having players that are new to the game and lack experience is something that we have shown improvement on and continue to work on,” Charlene Chen said. 

The 2020 season was canceled three matches in due to Covid-19 along with the 2021 season that never got off to a start. There was no recruiting because high school college and college athletic programs came to a halt. 

Karen Chen affirmed that they have good players and that in order to make it to the finals they need to get more into the game while cutting down on errors. 

The 2022 season has the Lancers Badminton team guided by Coach Ho are on a mission with multiple goals. They want to defend their SCC championship title and get back to the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association) State championship finals. Coach Ho is confident that as the team increases their stamina and continues improving on all required skills, they will be able to deal with the level of competition ahead and complete their mission.

“Because our team is small it makes it harder because we have to play more games, but playing skillfully and knowing your opponent will better your game,” Elizabeth Mondragon said. “What I love about the game is coming together with my teammates, having fun and competing.”


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