On the road at L.A. Pierce college, the Lancers were in command for a majority of the game and on their way to a hard fought road win, but an incredible comeback by Pierce College spoiled the Lancers plans as they lost 44-43.

At two separate points in the game, the Lancers were in good shape as they lead 23-6 in the 2nd quarter and 43-30 in the 4th quarter, but late game heroics by Pierce College’s quarterback Cameron Perry, who threw a touchdown pass with only 1:04 left in the game, left the Lancers in the loss column.

With the crushing loss, the Lancers are currently on a five game losing streak after starting the season 2-0 and the team has been left with more questions rather than answers on the defensive side of the ball.

“The kids are playing their hearts out, I can’t complain about the kid’s performance or anything,” second year head coach Steven Mojarro said. “It’s me as a coach not making the right plays and I have to sit down and evaluate what we are doing as a staff.”

As for the offense, the Lancers have had much better success as the team had 470 yards of total offense in the game and are averaging 27.9 points per game so far this season. Even though the defensive effort by the Lancers has been the Achilles heel of the team so far this season, Sophomore QB Mario Bobadilla had his best performance of the season in which he threw for 324 yards and 4 touchdowns in the losing effort.

Considering the bad luck that the lancers have faced so far this season, players are staying confident and are hoping to finish the season in a strong way.

“It starts with practice, everybody has to give it their all out there,” offensive lineman Demarcus Gilmore said. “A lot of skilled players miss practice and we all got to get on the same page to win games.”

Another important aspect that the team hopes to improve on to finish the season is coming out strong in the second half as expressed by freshman offensive lineman Randy Ruano.

“We always have a good first half, our last two games we were up at the end of the first half,” he said. “Then in the second half some players will settle down (take plays off) and we don’t play to our level.”

The Lancers look to finish the season strong as they had in the beginning of the season as they play their third conference game in the home finale for the team as they play against Santa Monica this Saturday at 6.

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