In an incredibly close game filled with skill and intensity, PCC lost to Grossmont in a 3-2 match last Tuesday. Losing this match kicked the Lancers out of the Southern California Regionals final.

The team proved to be an efficient and hardworking team, and ultimately lost to Grossmont by only 4 points in the final set.

“We were very predictable and kind of did the same thing over and over with the same result and didn’t make a change,” coach Mike Terrill said. “But, I’m also feeling a lot of pride because I don’t think anybody expected us to win this match. But we all did.”

The first and second set favored Grossmont, with PCC struggling to keep in sync and coordinate against Grossmont’s speedy attacks. Set one and two had a couple fouls and missed opportunities that proved to be important later on in the game.

PCC’s outside hitter, Emma Yogan, recorded a record number of 12 kills. “I think that we could have played harder and competed more in the first two sets,” Yogan said. “But I think that we really brought it in the last. Especially the third and the fourth. I think we really turned it around.”

During the third set PCC’s middle blocker, Ashley Gilbert, injured her ankle mid game and sat out the rest of the game. Gilbert is said to be getting x-rays for her injury, but is doing okay. 

During the third set, when the tides began to change, and PCC started rapidly scoring and catching up to Grossmont. PCC took the lead and won the third set. The same energy followed into the fourth set and gave them another victory.

The fifth set was looking like a victory for the Lancers, until Grossmont took back control and came together for the final five points that won them the game. 

“I think we definitely could have played better but we gave a fight at the end” Said PCC’s middle blocker, Reese Roper.

Though the team was upset about their loss, many were also proud of how they came together in the last three rounds. Grossmont is ranked #6 statewide while the Lancers are ranked #15 statewide, leading many to not expect such a close game.

“I think it just shows that I mean, we can play with any team, no matter how high they’re ranked. And I definitely think that we gave Grossmont I run for their money because I don’t think they were expecting that out of us.” Yogan said. 

The Lancers ended their season as a strong team with a passion for the sport. Although they didn’t move on to Regional finals, they played ferociously and broke a record for the team.

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