PCC’s Men’s Soccer prevailed Friday afternoon in a 90 minute match against Victor Valley College. 

The winning marks a promising start for the new season with a record of 4-1-2. 

In a relatively smooth performance, the Lancer’s overtook their opponent winning 5-0. 

With the assistance of Jordy Aviles, Esai Matchan struck the first goal of the night. 

“It was hot at first but once the clouds came through, It all got a little better,” said Lancer Robert Acosta. 

The audience was not substantially large and seemed to consist of predominantly Lancer supporters. Yet regardless of the blazing sun, the spectators seemed upbeat and eager to cheer on their teams of choice. There were a handful of soccer enthusiasts who brought beach umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun. Fans scattered throughout the bleachers mostly congregating on the home side supporting the Lancers, with a handful in support of the Desert Rams.

Victory Valley’s devastating onslaught continued with Osmar Rojas coming through to score the second goal with ease and the continuation of the Lancer’s winning streak was brought on with a swift kick from Brian Asaije securing a third goal with the help of both Rojas and Mike Sampson. 

Helping secure their win, Aviles delivered the kick that would solidify the goal but not without the efforts of Dominic Avalos and Raymond Jauregui, showing the seamless teamwork of the team.

On the field itself, the game proved to be almost devoid of error with the exception of a minor injury suffered by a player from PCC. The unnamed player was quickly escorted off the field and given medical care. No current information was available regarding his status. 

Despite the searing heat, the Lancer’s soared and pulled through like champion’s 

The final goal was scored with a shot by Rojas clinching the victory for the Lancer’s. 

Upon announcement of the winner, the crowd applauded the Lancers. Some parents and other family member’s stayed to further congratulate their children.

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