After an 8-game losing streak, the Lancers finally earned a win by beating Southwestern College Saturday night at Robinson Stadium.

The Lancers kept up with Southwestern until they were down ten points at 27-17 in the third quarter, but gained control of the game towards the end of the fourth quarter, ending it at 38-34.

“We’ve been struggling … and we finally got over the hump,” Mojarro said. “We have a 14-game losing streak on the road that we want to try to stop.”

The Lancers have a chance to turn things around now that they have this win.

“Our team has finally came together for once, and we just ended up with a W,” Lancers quarterback Isaia Ah-Hing said.

With three quarterbacks unavailable for various reasons, the Lancers depended on their fourth, Ah-Hing, to carry the team to their win. Ah-Hing went 25-35 with no interceptions, a significant relief to the five interceptions the Lancers gave up in their last game against Allan Hancock (37-26).

“He’s a coach’s kid,” Offensive Coordinator Bob Moran said about Ah-Hing. “He did a great job at managing the game.”

At the 5:30 mark, Southwestern’s freshman quarterback Joshua Cartwright fumbled the ball after a 3-yard loss which was then recovered by Lancers’ defensive lineman Jasper Iheaso, who ran it for 15 yards. Then at 2nd & 10 in Southwestern’s territory, Ah-Hing threw a pass to receiver Steve Williams for the touchdown, and Kicker Enrique Lozano scored the extra point, which brought Pasadena up to 34-31.

Once Southwestern got the ball, the Lancers defense controlled the tempo of the game by forcing them to punt.

From the 39-yard line in Lancers’ territory, Ah-Hing threw six complete passes; two to running back Amad Andrews for 38 yards, one to frosh tight end Kaleb Prejean for four yards, and three to Williams for 22 yards. One of Ah-Hing’s passes included the pass to Williams, who scored the game-winning touchdown, with the clock being at 00:21.

On the final play of the game, Southwestern’s quarterback Demonte Morris threw a bomb intended for wide receiver Adrian Petty, but it went past the back of the end zone, solidifying the Lancers’ first win.

The win for the Lancers is enough inspiration for interim coach Steven Mojarro to try to change things around, despite the odds they’ve faced previously. He’s acknowledging that despite the hardships his team is facing, they’re going to have to have a game plan ready when they go up against Compton. The Lancers are currently tied with East LA College with one win for the SCFA American Metro League conference.

“Compton’s a really good team [and] they’ve been getting better every year,” Mojarro said. “They gave us a hell of a game out here last year.”

The Lancers will be playing Compton this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

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