In their third straight loss before conference play begins, the PCC football team allowed the most points ever in a game this season on Saturday night in a devastating 69-20 loss against San Bernardino Valley.

After 4 plays, rushing 30 yards, and scoring a touchdown in the first quarter, San Bernardino Valley was on the board 6-0 after PCC’s defensive line, Jayson Jones blocked SBV’s kick for the extra point.

The Lancer defense was unable to stop SBV offense from scoring touchdowns in the 1st, and 2nd quarters causing PCC to trail 49-0 by half time.

PCC’s offense was shut down by SBV’s defense until the 3rd quarter when PCC quarterback Mario Bobadilla threw to wide receiver Drew Pendleton to score the first touchdown for the struggling team.

At the start of the 4th quarter during PCC’s 1st play, Bobadilla once again connected with Pendleton, who caught a complete pass and rushed for 56 yards to the SBV goal line scoring another touchdown for PCC.

“We have to be more consistent on both sides of the football, [and] on special teams. We started off on the wrong foot you know, we got a penalty on the beginning of the game and it kind of got us already down,” Head coach Steve Mojarro said. “SBV’s offense is very potent they got a good system there and were able to score right away.”

Coach Mojarro said the team could’ve worked better at tempo while keeping up with the game, especially with a fast hitting defense like SBV’s.

The last eight seconds of the 4th quarter were nerve wracking for PCC,. The backup quarterback Isaia Ah-Hing threw the football to wide receiver Nick Cozzie who rushed 4 yards to SBV 9th yard line. In the last play of the drive, Ah-Hingn rushed for 2 yards to the SBV goal line and scored another touchdown for PCC, leaving the final score of the game to 69-20 SBV.

Coach Mojarro expressed regret and took fault for the loss, promising to go back to teaching his players the basics.

Defensive tackle Jorge Romero, expressed frustration with the loss but seemed optimistic for the next game.

“We just got to show up to weight room and work hard,” Romero said. “We should’ve kept the drive going to first downs.”

Offensive line, Demarcus Gilmore believes there is room for improvements in the team and doesn’t believe injured players from previous games affected the score.

“[The team] bounced back and played one hundred percent,” Gilmore said.” I was just hoping we are going to score like we got the ball, and we did.”

The PCC football team have a bye week before playing their first conference game against Allen Hancock on October 13th at Robinson Stadium.

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