The Lancers ended their 2015 football season at Bakersfield College Memorial Stadium finishing with a 2-8, 0-6 overall score.

The Lancers ended their 2015 football season at Bakersfield College Memorial Stadium finishing with a 2-8, 0-6 overall score.

Some 2,730 fans attended the National Northern League game this past Saturday to see the Bakersfield Renegades face off against the Pasadena Lancers.

The game didn’t go well for the Lancers who struggled to start strong.

Little mistakes began to add up and by the end of the first quarter the Renegades lead 13-0.

This trend continued throughout the game with the exception of the second quarter when running back Justin Carroll rushed for four yards to score a touchdown.

The Lancers were further thrown off when one of their own, freshman running back Joseph Thomas, was injured in the first half and had to be taken away by an ambulance. Thomas returned to watch the end of the game.

Carroll’s touchdown in the second quarter might have helped the team pull ahead if the Lancers had taken the momentum and run with it. However, they weren’t a match for the Renegades’ strong rushing ability that managed to pull them ahead 30 points by the end of the first half.

The second half was filled with strong plays from quarterback Jett Even and Carroll.

Carroll’s rushing performance and Even’s passes ensured that the Renegades would have to fight for every point.

Strong individual effort wasn’t enough to help the Lancers though and mistakes, such as getting a punt or field goal blocked, that had seemed so innocuous in the beginning cost the Lancers the game.

“You play good teams and you make mistakes you’re going to get hurt,” said head coach Thom Kaumeyer. “That doesn’t mean we don’t have good players.”

While the PCC football team ended on a low note, several individual players had a great season.

Even lead the Lancers in passing with 2,019 yards and 17 touchdowns. The freshman set a school record for attempts and passing completions in a game against Ventura. He was also named the SFCA National Northern League Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in the game against East Los Angeles College.

Line backer Jalyn Williams is first in state for total tackles (178) which is a new record for PCC. Running back Trensten Spragling also had a good season. Spragling was the team’s all-purpose yards leader at 128.2 per game and eighth in state for his kick returns.

With the first season coaching PCC’s football team behind him, Kaumeyer is ready to take on the next one, but hopefully with less losses.

“To be honest and to be very blunt, they haven’t been used to winning,” said Kaumeyer. “Not being in championship games is kind of the norm and I think that’s something that’s got to change.”

Kaumeyer plans to work on his team’s plays and their teamwork.

“It’s good for the player, but it’s tough for the program when you have a lot of good individual players but not necessarily teamwork,” said Kaumeyer.

Kaumeyer is also looking forward to recruiting more from local high schools during the spring.

“If we can keep our local kids here I think we have a good opportunity to get stronger,” said Kaumeyer. “Not only that, I think you’re going to see a lot more people coming to the games.”

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