Following an unexpected loss against Rio Hondo, the men’s soccer team managed to redeem themselves by defeating Chaffey College 2-1 last week, keeping their playoff hopes alive and well.

PCC is currently sitting at number seventeen in the South Conference Conference power rankings with a win-loss record of 2-3-0.

“The team just agreed to come out and have no excuses to lose because nobody beats us on our field and that’s what we did,” proclaimed midfielder Alexis Guzman.

Lancers opened the game up with a bombastic display of athleticism when forward Anthony Jimenez scored a goal only 37 seconds in to play time but was annulled immediately following an offsides call by the referee. The Lancers proved the goal to be no fluke as only two minutes later, Alexis Guzman scored the first goal of the game following a pass from captain Romio Sislian.

Chaffey then retaliated when goalie Steven Sandoval rushed towards the driving player leaving the goal empty, resulting in a clean goal for Chaffey at minute 25:35.

There seemed to be a lot of tension between both teams as Chaffey traded vulgarities and vicious hits against each the Lancers resulting in both teams receiving two yellow cards each. The last yellow card was received by lancer Bryce Watkins following a confrontation with a player where they both were screaming vulgarities and attempted to get physical with the one another until both locker rooms stepped onto the field to break the two apart.

“My players know not to disrespect the other team because there is no tolerance for that,” coach Gerry Mora said. “It’s as simple as if you say something bad you’re out,”

In the second half of the game at minute 54:23, Lancers forward David Vasquez-Mena capitalized on the pass given by Santana Nunez resulting in the games final goal.

“We have something to prove, we had to put them away,” Vasquez-Mena said

With the Lancers closing in on qualifications for South Coast Conference playoffs, they can’t afford to lose the remainder of their three conference games if they wish to qualify. Their next conference game will take place on Tuesday at East Los Angeles at 4pm.

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