Lancers track and field team members placed in the top three of eight events at the 69th Pasadena Games held at PCC’s Robinson Stadium on Friday and Saturday, with sophomore standout runner Luis Dorantes leading PCC to its only first place at the event by winning the men’s 5000-meter run. Both men and women teams set high finishes in four events a piece.

“We always want to perform well but it was also important for us to take pride at being at home,” said head Coach Larry Wade who was also the meet’s director.

Dorantes, whose 10000-meter time is currently the fastest amongst California community college athletes, also assisted in two second place finishes with teammates Oswell Caal, Kevin Cano and Alfredo Folgar in the men’s 4×800 and 4×1600 relays.

Sophomore Ron Spears added to the tally by placing third in the men’s 100-meter dash.

For the women, sophomores Tenia Sebastian and Jakae Bridges also impressed. Sebastian took second in the women’s 400-meter hurdles and Bridges took third in the women’s 200 meter dash.

In women’s relay, distance runners Arielle Barragan-Steimer, Diane Lombardi, Elizabeth Lyons and Cassandra Lew teamed-up for second in the 4×1600 relay and third in the 4×800 relay. 

Other notable performers were Caleb Wood, who took fifth in the men’s discus throw, and Yvette Bastidas who finished eight in women’s shot put.

The Pasadena Games, which is PCC’s only home competition of the season, was always a “high school meet,” according to Wade but for the first time in the Game’s history, community colleges and universities were thrown into the mix.

The two-day event also had former Olympians and 117 elite athletes participating.

“[The city of] Pasadena has always had great track and field athletes for years. It was great to get [high-school and college] kids to see these people in person,” said Wade.

The two-day meet was an evolution in track and field, Wade said. “With the help of the college and the administration it was [made a] success,” he said.  

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