The PCC women’s soccer team lost 5-1 against the Fullerton College Hornets on a scorching Friday late afternoon, making it their fourth loss in the last six games.

Following their 5-2 win against Glendale on Tuesday, the Lancers struggled to keep up with Fullerton.

The Lancers had numerous chances in the box during the first half of the game. Sophomore midfielder Rachel Schroeder scored one goal during the first half, but it was called back, leaving the score at 2-0.

“The girls fought really hard and really well, just got unlucky and gave up two goals,” said head coach Reggie Rivas.

The Hornets continued to dominate with aggression on the field during the second half. Tension started to build when both teams were knocking one another off their feet.

The Hornets’ forward Celine Medina was able to score a goal in the 62nd minute with an open shot. The Lancers definitely lacked on defense.

The Lancers’ goalie, Monica Rodgers, who played the first 80 minutes of the game, thought their midfielders needed to work together better.

“There was lack of communication and lack of being what we needed to be,” Rodgers said.

Shortly after, the Hornets scored again in the 67th minute.

The Lancers were finally able to answer back with a goal made by forward Leila Farazdaghi with less than 15 minutes on the clock.

“This was probably our better games, but I don’t think we did so well defensively,” Farazdaghi said.

She believes overall the team has gotten a lot better this season even though they lost.

Rivas says Fullerton is a really good team and it was good game to get ready for conference play. South Coast Conference games start next week.

“We got to work on marking tighter, defending harder, and marking sooner,” Rivas said. “I think we’re a little too relaxed at times and they capitalized on us.”

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