PCC cross country head coach Armand Crespo was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with a student in the GM building last month and has been relieved of his coaching duties.

There were no arrests after officers responded to reports of an altercation between Crespo and an unidentified student on Oct. 16, according to PCC Campus Police Sgt. Bill Abernathie.

“When we responded out there the parties were already separated so anything that happened before that was already done,” said Abernathie. “Both parties involved and several witnesses were present so we interview all parties involved and the story was still not clear cut. We gathered all of the information, combined into an investigative report, and shipped it to the city prosecutor.”

The city prosecutor reviewed the investigation and declined to file charges on either side, Abernathie said.

Crespo has been absent from cross country meets since the reported incident but school officials will not comment on whether he’s been suspended or terminated from his position.

Assistant Superintendent of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Robert Bell declined to comment, citing an “ongoing investigation.”

As of Tuesday, the cross country page on PCC’s website lists the position of cross country head coach as “vacant.”

With just one meet left before the big finale, the Pasadena City College cross-country team headed to Mission Bay Park last Friday looking to advance to Fresno for the 2015 state championships without a coach.

Throughout the week the Lancers had to train for this big meet without a coach. Some of the members of the team, like freshman Christina Elizadale, drew inspiration from their coach not being there.

“Our spirits were high because we ran each race for coach, every step was for him,” Elizadale said.

While Elizadale ran for her coach, she and other members of the team found it frustrating that their coach has been absent with no explanation.

“Honestly its hard to prepare with no coach giving you guidance during practices and all but I’ll do my workouts a little faster and work on my kick I had last Friday so I’ll continue to keep it and make it stronger,” said Elizadale.

Elizadale placed 67th at Mission Bay Park with a time of 20:53, ensuring her spot for state.

With Elizadale cheering for her teammates at the finish line, Franceska Millaponce was the next to finish, taking 82nd with a time of 21:16.

“It was nerve-racking since everyone wants to go to state. I was just thinking about how could I be the cut off mark of qualifiers to make it to state which made me push myself to keep passing people,” said Millaponce.

Overall the women’s team finished 21st out of 27 teams.

Elizadale and Millaponce will travel to Fresno on Nov. 21for the 2015 cross-country championships. Whether a coach joins them remains to be seen.

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  1. Another minority staff member to lose their job? Why are minority staff and faculty members losing their jobs and non-minority keep theirs? There have been numerous white employees who have threatened or assaulted students and other staff/faculty members and are still working at PCC. Your security officers (police-joke) have gotten away with assaulting students, more often those of color, under the guise of arresting them, and yet they continue to work at PCC. Look at the numbers PCC, there needs to be a Safe Zone for minority employees. With the declining number of Asian, Hispanic and African-American students attending PCC its no wonder why. Hold your administration accountable, increase minority hiring and decrease minority firing.

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