Whether it’s some flashy new shoes, colorful shorts, or customized jerseys, basketball players enjoy the attention. With that in mind, the women’s basketball team got an upgrade for their jerseys this season and they sure did catch the attention of anyone watching.

The company behind the unique design of the jerseys is the New Jersey Sets, a basketball jersey company that produces custom-made products.

Women’s basketball coach Joseph Peron said he knew right away what he wanted his jerseys to look like but wasn’t sure how it would happen. Peron wanted to get his team new jerseys for the season that featured a photo of the 2009 State Champions by placing them on the jerseys.

“Everyday I walk out, I see that big banner out there,” Peron said. “I’m going to get that picture and I’m going to put it on the jerseys.”

Kevin Gray, who designed the jerseys, said in an email that Peron had no idea what they were capable of until Gray showed Peron their jersey designs.

“So [the] idea of putting his [championship] team on the back was his idea and we feel we were the perfect company to make that happen,” Gray said. “When we showed Coach our jersey with the full high-resolution image of Manny Pacquiao and other work, he really wanted to get creative with it.”

The main concept he wants his team to think is: “If you don’t want to wear their picture [on the jersey], then you do something amazing this year” Peron said.

The team’s jerseys have a picture of all 10 of the young ladies from the championship team “dog piling” on top of each other. The jerseys are two-tone and the shorts have “State Champions” going downwards.

Peron and assistant coach Gary Potts hosted a meet and greet on Monday night where he introduced parents, mentors, and faculty members to the new players and talked about the upcoming season.

After three years of trying to reach an agreement with Honda of Pasadena, the Women’s Basketball program now has a new sponsor.

“We’ve been trying to overcome obstacles signing with Honda,” Coach Potts said. “They wanted to sponsor us last year but were unable to. I figured it’s a start to get other sports teams sponsored [by them].”

Along with announcing the new sponsor, the coaching staff has announced that they have courtside seats for sale for all home games excluding playoff games. The seats are $110 and it comes with a “PCC Women’s Basketball” t-shirt as well as a postgame meet and greet with the players in the team’s room.

The team will start off their season on Friday, November 14 in the Honda of Pasadena Classic against Taft. The game starts at 4 p.m. in the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium of PCC.

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