Continuing their winning streak, The Lancers racked up three more wins by annihilating the Rio Hondo Roadrunners.

Well into their South Coast Conference (SCC) matches, the Lancers first game against the Roadrunners set the precedent for the following two. In the top of the third inning freshman Jake Sanchez advanced to third base on an error, scoring the first run for PCC during Tuesday’s game. The offense made 3 more runs in the third inning and maintained their momentum until their 16th run in the ninth. Rio managed to make it home at the end of the ninth inning to end the game with 2 runs.

“As a team I think we came out with a lot of energy, just knowing we were the superior team, we played to that standard,” said third baseman Marco Martinez. “We had fun, we just went out there and played baseball and did our thing.”

Solid pitching and defense carried out into the second match with the Roadrunners during Thursday’s game on PCC’s home field. Lasting only two innings, once center fielder Cole Pilar scored the first run in the first inning and Martinez made another, PCC continued to accumulate runs until Pilar made the fifth and final one, securing the second win against the Roadrunners.

“We came out hitting throughout the whole game,” said sophomore pitcher Matt Orozco. “Our pitching was doing really good that series too, a lot of different arms were able to throw because [Rio Hondo] is not a very solid team compared to the rest of our conference.”

James Membreno/ Courier
Andrew Scannell turns the double play on Tuesday, March 25, 2019 at Rio Hondo College.

The final SCC conference game against the Roadrunners on Rio’s home field Saturday, proved the Lancers correct. One run after another PCC scored, complementing their conference batting average of .308, 10 stolen bases, and their game total of 14 hits. By the end of the second inning, the Lancers had accumulated 5 runs, doubling that by the top of the seventh. Freshman center fielder Gabriel Arellano scored the last point in the seventh inning and then made the last run in the ninth inning, to win the end of their three-game streak.

“We played well, we pitched well, we played defense, it was a good week.” said Head Coach Pat McGee. “[PCC] deserves to win, they earned these victories.”

With 90 career victories in five seasons, Coach McGee with the conclusion of this game helped his team to reach 19-9 in overall wins and 10-4 in their conference wins.

“The seasons going good right now, were on track to be first in conference,” said Orozco. “We’re a scrappy team and we’re very talented too, but it’s going to take a lot for us to win conference.”

PCC Baseball has shown tremendous resilience with home field issues and this being Orozco’s first games coming off an injury.

“[This season] we had a lot of adversity thrown at us,” said Martinez. “We’ve been handling it well as a whole group and a team effort.”

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