The women’s badminton team continued their 27-game SCC win-streak by completely destroying ECC Compton in a 17-0 March 28 home win.

            It wasn’t even close. The Tartars looked uninvolved as they were just going through the motions, accepting their defeat.

            “It’s a different challenge,” said Head Coach Bill Sanchez, commenting on how his team keeps their competitive drive against such a hapless opponent. “You can still work on stuff, it’s more of a mental preparation thing.”

            At one point PCC singles’ number one, Angie Ortiz returned a volley with such ferocity that the Tartar opponent recoiled and flinched, a surreal image in college athletics.

            “We call it a smash,” Coach Sanchez said. “It’s meant to be a terminal shot.” The smash did its job, as Ortiz won all her singles and doubles matches in effortless style.

The active team of Ortiz, Cynthia Gutierrez, Grace Espinosa, Kiwi Liang, Gabby Anjani, and Alyssa “The Bolt” Boyt all went undefeated for the day, casually lounging about in an easy win.

            PCC currently ranks first in the SCC and is looking to finish the regular season strong in anticipation of the postseason.

            Assistant Coach Jessica Nguyen-Le is optimistic about the team’s chances in the postseason: “I think we’ll do pretty well, and go far in playoffs,” she said.


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