PCC’s women’s badminton team had a great start to their season this past Friday, winning every singles and doubles match against Compton.

The Lancers, lead by fourth year head coach Jennifer Ho, was undefeated last year and are looking to defend that title in this year’s season, and they are in a good position to do so. They won 21-0.

“They were state champions last year, and I expect them to win this year,” said coach Ho in an interview after the games. “We have a huge chance, but they for sure have a lot more fun than last year’s team.”

From the very beginning of the matches, the team was doing well. In almost every match, the Lancers won by at least 10 points. However, the matches felt very informal, almost like they were practicing. Most importantly, they were having fun.

“I felt confident and relaxed; a little bit nervous for the first game,” said returning sophomore Natalie Ong after the games. “After experiencing the game, I felt a little more confident.”

This year sees two returning players from last year: Natalie Ong and Jun Ting (Amy) Huang. This year the team has seven freshmen: Grace Bajar, Wing Yan (Pinky) Cheung, Jessica Lee, Asiana Pitackul, Mikaella Reamico, Quynh Trinh and Xioming Yao. Every single one of these players should be seen as noteworthy, and they all played incredibly against Compton.

Unlike last year’s team, this year’s team is less focused on winning every single match and more focused on having fun and making this a good season. They want to form a connection with each other that lasts. However, this still means that they are going to give their all this year and make sure they win as much as possible.

“I feel like I’m very connected with everyone else,” said freshman Jessica Lee. “We all have a good attitude and a good atmosphere. It’s all very friendly.”

PCC will next take on the East Los Angeles College Huskies at an away game this Wednesday, before they take on the El Camino Warriors at Home on the 14th of March.

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