The Lancers’ badminton team beat the East Los Angeles College Huskies 11 – 10 on March 23.

The team has secured their fourth game in a winning streak.

The Lancers started off slow during the first singles matches by winning two out of six matches.

However, the tenacious Lancers tied up the score six to six by the end of the first doubles matches.

PCC took the lead in the second round of singles matches making the score nine to eight.

In the final doubles matches, the grueling back to back game pace had caught up and all players on the court were exhausted and nervous.

In the end, the determination of the Lancers nailed down their victory 11 to 10.

The badminton team has now had 26 consecutive conference wins and aims to keep it going.

“It’s a big day, a big turning point for us,” said Coach Bill Sanchez.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I can’t afford to be worried,” said Angelica Ortiz, education.

Ortiz is considered one of the best players on the team. She practices about 15 hours per week and has been playing for five years.

However, in any sport, teamwork is the foundation of success and in badminton, doubles partners must be in tune with each other or risk losing it all.

Alyssa Boyt, dental hygiene and Gabriella Anjani, nursing, are partners on the badminton team.

“We have a fear of letting our partner down,” Boyt said.

The two partners share a small box on one side of the court. They have between two and three seconds to move and communicate with each other. Doing this improperly could cause collisions or inadequate shots.

“It’s really hard,” said Anjani. “We have to read each others’ minds.”

“It’s nice to have those kids,” said Coach Sanchez.

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