The unstoppable force that is PCC Badminton team had no trouble sweeping a double header against East Los Angeles over spring break winning match one 21-0 and match two by a score 19-2.

“That game was no problem for my girls, we were well prepared, and the game was stress free,” Head coach Jennifer Ho said.

Badminton will compete in one last double header against El Camino before playing in the Southern California Championship on May 2 against Irvine Valley College. Coach Ho expressed some concern about the match.

“I am having my girls practice very hard this week,” Coach Ho said. “That game is going to be very very tough. Irvine Valley is the strongest team in Southern California.”

If PCC manages to beat Irvine Valley next week, they will play against the Northern California champions, and play for the state title.

Freshman Xiaoming Yao also addressed the increased intensity of practice in preparation for the big game.

“We have been doing more conditioning and harder drills.” Yao said. “We’ve been taking this really seriously, we want to win this game bad.”

While some of the freshman have been a little nervous about playing in such an important game, Sophomore, Natalie Ong, who won a championship last year, is confident that they will repeat this year.

“Last year we only had two girls that really carried our team to the championship,” Ong admitted. “This year I think our team is more well-rounded. Our lower bracket players are strong enough to earn points, which helps us a lot. I think we are prepared for next week.”

Badminton will face El Camino for a final tune-up on Friday at 2 p.m. at PCC in Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium, which will also host next week’s championship at 3 p.m.


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