While all gyms across the county are closed as we continue to practice social distancing many people are left without the place where they can escape the world and get their daily workout in to stay fit.

Here is a simple workout that anybody can do that requires no fancy equipment all you need is yourself and a little bit of space. You can take however long to finish the workout since where in quarantine you have all day to do it.

Warmup: Stretching

To start off anything you should always get in some stretching as it will reduce the risk of you suffering an injury. A couple of stretches you can do consist of side reach which is where you raise one arm in the air and stretch it over your head. For example, if you raise your right hand you would reach over your head to the left and hold it for 20 seconds. Another thing you can do is lunges which is a good stretch for your hips along with strengthening your hamstring and quads. To do a good lunge you start off with your feet hip-width apart and take a big step forward with your right leg while your left leg behinds forward with your knee touches the ground. Switch between legs and do 15 for each leg.

Part 1: Jumping Jacks 

After you are done stretching you can start off by doing a simple effective cardio workout called jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are good for you because you not only get a good cardio workout in but you also get to build muscle up in your hamstrings, quads, and calves. To do a jumping jack you position yourself standing straight up with your arms to your side then bend your knees slightly and do a small jump. While you jump to spread your legs shoulder-width apart and stretch your arms over your head then jump back into the position you started in. One set equals 25 jumping jacks and you do three sets in total with a 15-second break between each set.

Part 2: Pushups 

Pushups are a good workout that requires nothing as you are using your own body weight for this exercise. You will be working on building upper body strength while working out your triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. While doing pushups you will need a little bit more space than the previous exercises listed above as you will be going down on your hands and feet. You have a variety of options on how you want to do your pushups but the most common is just called a traditional pushup. To start off you will get on the floor placing your hand about shoulder-width apart and your arms straight then slowly go down then push yourself back up. If you are a visual learner here is how to do a pushup. One set equals 15 push-ups so you will do three sets with a 15-second break between each set.

Part 3: Sit-Ups

Another exercise that uses your own body weight against you is sit-ups which are one of the most notorious workouts for your abdominal muscles. Along with building up your abdominal muscles, sit-ups also work out the chest and hip flexors and if you want a strong neck they also work that out too. For this workout once again you will need a little bit of space as you will be laying down on the ground this time and you can use a partner if needed. To start off you will be laying down with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. You can have someone holding down your feet so your feet don’t move while doing the sit-up if nobody is around you can slide your feet under a couch so it acts like someone is holding your feet or just has nothing holding your feet. You then want to cross your hand to the opposite shoulder or put your hands behind your ears as long as they don’t touch your neck, then begin to curl your upper body towards your knees. After your upper body is up to your knees you want to slowly go down and repeat the process. If you are a visual learner here is How to do a Sit-Up. One rep equals 15 sit-ups and you will do three sets with a 15-second rest in between reps.

Part 4: Scissor Kicks

Scissor Kicks are another exercise that will help with your core muscles, quads, and adductors. Just like the previous exercise you are going to need some space as you will be laying down on the ground for this one. To start off you will be laying down on your back with your hands under your behind and feet together on the ground. Next, lift your legs up together and begin to create a scissor motion with your legs as one leg goes up and the other goes down. Make sure your feet aren’t touching the ground. If you are tired of doing scissors kicks you can do a little freestyle as one leg goes left and the other goes right but it’s on top of the other leg and keeps going back and forth. If you are a visual learner here is  How to do Scissor Kicks. One set equals 30 seconds of doing this and doing three sets with 15-second breaks between each rest.

Part 5: Plank

Planking is another exercise where you use your own bodyweight to work on strengthening in your core muscles. There are more positives to doing planks beside it being a good workout for your core as it also keeps your back healthy by reducing back pain and giving you a better posture. There are many different types of planks that you can do like a standard plank, side plank, and a forearm plank. The most common plank formation is the forearm plank which is kind of easier than others as you get to use both forearms to keep your full weight up. To start you lay flat on your belly with your farms parallel with only. Then you use your forearms and feet to hold you up as you will now be on all fours with your back straight and trying not to touch the floor. Stay in that position for one minute and if you can do a minute try to see how far you can last.

With these five parts, you can do a workout practically anywhere and anytime as you can even to the workout throughout the day and split it into sections.

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