Donall Tuff, kinesiology:

“Yes. Once you get to Division I level, it is like taking a full time job. You don’t have time to take another job. And you get penalized if other people help finance you, so it is very hard to pay for housing and food.”










Mia Chavez, human science:

“It depends on how good the athlete is, not just on the courts but in how well-rounded he is. Not everyone who is drafted by a school is a good athlete because there are some who just sit on the sidelines.”










Voices3_Craig_04022015Jalen Canty, undecided:

“Yes because of the promotional work that the athletes do. They help sell the jerseys and they are involved with video game production.”










Voices4_Craig_04022015Victor Ibarra, nursing:

“They should be paid because they have talent that other students don’t have.”










Voices5_Craig_04022015Daryl Taylor, kinesiology instructor:

“The kids should get some type of compensation for what they do. The NCCA makes a lot of money, and the least they can do is give a portion to the student athletes.”









Reporting by: Sammy Wu

Photos by: Traece Craig

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