The U.S.-led airstrikes began in Syria at the end of September, and it has been the one of the most controversial topics in the United States and the world. If no one takes any action, who will take responsibility of future terrorist attacks? Does anyone take the responsibility of taking an action against the extremists once something happens? People suffering in Syria and Iraq may call for help to stop ISIS extremists from committing any more massacres.

When ISIS intimidated the United States and its allies by beheading several journalists, they demanded a halt to the U.S.-led airstrikes. However, they have killed many civilians in Christian communities in Syria and Iraq as well. They have murdered not just women but also children. How can we stop them from unreasonably murdering people? They obviously don’t listen to their opponents and it’s impossible to communicate with them. Many other countries have joined the strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

If no one takes action over the ISIS menace, they will acquire more power. Everyone could be a target if they plan to launch further terrorism attacks. Before the U.S. and allies began airstrikes, leaders of these countries sent a message to the extremist group. Nevertheless, these terrorists heard nothing and they continuously threatened journalists. They used hostages to declare that the U.S. and allies should step back from their territories, but they have killed several journalists and a handful of civilians, including women and children anyway. So the U.S.-led operation of airstrikes is not just destruction of ISIS facilities, it can prevent genocide.

The air strikes were attempts to destroy the extremists’ main facilities. If the U.S. failed to act, the ISIS attacks would continue to spread. If no one did anything, ISIS extremists could develop their power and occupy more properties in Syria and Iraq.

Therefore, the U.S.-led airstrikes were not a wrong action. It’s not enough to feel pity for the victims in Syria. If the ISIS extremists rapidly develop their facilities and acquire sufficient power to take more action, how many civilians in the world will be eliminated by their terrorism?

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