Dysfunctional doesn’t even begin to describe the Republican party. Several uncoordinated efforts including, random votes for former President Trump, and representatives hurling verbal and physical threats spell certain doom for the future of the people’s house.

After 15 consecutive votes, not seen since before the civil war, the speaker’s gavel was awarded to Kevin McCarthy, but at a terrible cost. He gave more power to the nutjobs at the far right of his aisle, whose disdain for McCarthy subsided as little as their belief in widespread 2020 election was fraud.

The concessions given include handing select members of the house certain committee assignments, putting specific bills up for a vote that focus on border security, congressional term limits, and others, and most damning of all, changing the requirements to oust the speaker to only require one vote, effectively knee-capping the position. While any legislation has a surefire path into the Senate graveyard, lowering the vote to only one person to remove the speaker makes it certain that fights like this last one will happen again down the road. Any power that may have existed, disappeared as soon as hands were shaken. Now, promises made, promises kept!

The villain in this story is the House Freedom Caucus, whose efforts to halt the vote are matched by none in terms of consistency than their idol former President Trump, whose phone calls seemingly did nothing to end the stalemate. The fact that this modern Dr. Frankenstein has lost control of his monster is hilariously ironic and paints quite the picture for everyone who has made fun of the MAGA crowd for years now.

The in-fighting and inability to rally behind McCarthy is alarming enough, but these extremist members having any power at all is a red alert in and of itself. Satan’s stand-in, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was removed from her committee assignments in 2021 after her history of hate politics and conspiratorial beliefs. Her level of delusion ranges from simple election fraud to her most heinous belief being the denial of school shootings and their victims. Now, she and her allies are being given the political equivalent of a blank check, which means nothing good for the people’s house.

But even the crazies began to get into spats with each other over the four-day period. Verbal clashes sparked between Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert, the former claiming that the stalling was only for drama. Adding insult to injury given the entire caucus’s history with “drama”. It just goes to show how self-centered all of these “representatives” are. These reps like Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Boebert, Greene, and the whole “MAGA Squad”, aren’t fighting for the people, they are doing whatever they think will get them the attention they so clearly desire.

On the other side of the aisle, democrats stood in solidarity with their candidate. Throughout all the votes, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries was the clear winner. His A-Z schooling during his first speech as minority leader was the cherry on top of the hell that was the voting process. The path forward for the democrats is complicated, but especially so now that some of their committee seats have been stripped away. Despite gains during the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats are clinging onto whatever control they can.

Efforts like the recent vote to defund the IRS are just a sampling of what is to come during this next Congress. Despite a clear death on the Senate floor, the future is bleak and this cycle is sure to continue throughout the next two years as republicans push and push on their twisted agenda. 

This can’t be what Kevin McCarthy had in mind when he figured he would become speaker, but after opening Pandora’s box and making a terribly Faustian deal, he has quite the dilemma to endure for the next two tentative years. I give McCarthy two months with the gavel. But to him, or whoever inevitably replaces him, good luck!

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