Watching the Republican debate, I couldn’t help but think of the crotchety old man on ‘Murika Street watering his lawn while screaming at the school children walking home, “stay off my lawn, you rotten kids!” I remember in high school the saying SSDD: “same shit different day.” And so goes the debate on defunding Planned Parenthood, again.

Here is this group of mostly crusty old people telling young men and women that the character of this nation balances on their choice to start a family or choose an abortion. The same people that have no problem chanting phrases like, “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys. The absolute arrogance! I guess young soldiers dying in wars or coming home ravaged by fighting aren’t as valuable as fetuses.

Why should I even argue or debate whether Planned Parenthood should be funded or defunded, it’s not the point. Republicans don’t really care if you terminate your pregnancy, unless they need a soldier in 18 years to fight a new war for them, or when they need more children born into impoverished families fighting to get the lowest paying part-time job available to keep the CEOs that own Walmart rich.

These same conservative, right-wing, family-values men have affairs, divorces, and even pressure women into having abortions. Just look up Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn, a family practice physician turned congressman who believes no one except his mistress should have access to an abortion should the condom break or get forgotten.

The U.S. News Online reports DesJarlais pressured his patient to get an abortion after their affair. “You told me you’d have an abortion, and now we’re getting too far along without one,” DesJarlais told the woman in a recorded phone conversation, according to a transcript published in October 2012 by The Associated Press. “If we need to go to Atlanta, or whatever, to get this solved and get it over with so we can get on with our lives, then let’s do it.”

I wonder if DesJarlais supported the Republican bill supporting private businesses that refused to cover birth control in their health care coverage. Maybe his patient—um, mistress—couldn’t afford an exam and birth control and the local Planned Parenthood was shut down with conservative applause.

So what does this mean for you here at PCC where you have easy access to a Planned Parenthood just a few miles away on Lake Avenue? It means a lot actually and it’s why you need to pay attention to this conversation. Not just for yourself but for your family members and friends, even your mom. Yes, mom.

Planned Parenthood sees over five million patients a year, and 83 percent of them are focused on not getting pregnant. Most of them are over 20 years old. Planned Parenthood caters to people without access to healthcare or bad coverage so they can get low or no-cost services. Many college students get testing for the dreaded STIs and even UTIs, which can lead to infertility or worse when untreated. Only three percent of their services are abortion related, according to Planned Parenthood.

This brings me to mom.

Women can get breast cancer screenings and pap smears to prevent cervical cancer. With the rise in HPV cases, getting regular pap smears and cervical cancer screenings has reduced cervical cancer by 50 percent, according to Medscape. So, while the conservatives scream about an edited recording of doctors harvesting organs, try to remember how many women and single moms were saved from breast and cervical cancer because of Planned Parenthood.



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  1. You are doing so much to discredit your friend and Christian Grant Starrett. Taking a 17 year old story and making it today’s smear must be beneath you. You are not helping your friend. Talk about what makes him great in your eyes, not maligning others. You have no idea the struggles others travel through.

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