Seems like using the platform you earned for peaceful protest is frowned upon in this country.

With all the wrongs we have to right still in America, the peaceful protesting going on by the NFL players is the last thing to worry about. Believe it or not, this country is in a real bad state inside and out. We aren’t honest, we don’t have any equality and it is money driven. Worst of all, the president won’t listen to the problems and instead pushes his own terrible agenda.

The national anthem to me is something that I’ve always been behind growing up whether it has been at school or watching it on T.V. for sports events etc.. I feel that the national anthem should be allowed to be played at events because it does have significance. Yes, it is just a song but it is the history behind it is what makes it so important. That being said, everyone has the right to believe in or not believe in what the anthem stands for. Because at this moment in time we are not the “Land of The Free” but rather a country that is the opposite.

So I do not see how taking a knee is disrespecting the anthem or the country, we have the rights and the power to exercise them especially if it is a peaceful protest.

First player in the NFL to take a knee in protest was, now out of work, quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He was followed by several other players using their rights to protest against the police brutality and non-equality in the country, including full teams and players who took knees during the national anthem. Though some teams opted to not even come out during the anthem. One player participating in the protests stands out for his personal relation to the issue they are protesting. Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks claimed he was racially profiled by Las Vegas police after attending the Mayweather VS. McGregor fight in August.

“Las Vegas police officers singled me out and pointed guns at me,” Bennett said. “Just for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Instances like this should help people open their eyes and see the corrupt system going on but others choose to not believe it when it is evidently there. Of course NFL players are going to protest the country if they are not being treated right, they will literally not stand for something they do not believe in. Though there will never be a true “one” right way to protest. Everyone sees protesting differently and it is a matter of opinion how they feel about it.

Police brutality stems way back in this country and people have been racially profiled and even killed just because of the color of their skin. For example, we can go to the Rodney King incident in 1991 to current times with Michael Brown and Philando Castile’s deaths.

Still, the problem persists.

When I see #TakeAKnee trending, I can feel a sense of relief that people are not afraid to protest and actually back others who share the same view. Everyone protesting from home doesn’t seem like they are making a difference. But when they share it online and you see how many people are doing it, then it makes you think, “Oh maybe this is a big deal.”

One that caught my eye in particular was WWII veteran and now producer Norman Lear:

Maybe if the country wasn’t going in the wrong direction, the players wouldn’t need to take a knee in protest.

Even President Donald Trump has time to chime in on this matter, saying that NFL players should be fired for doing what they believe in. He even went as far to call them provocative names during a recent speech. But that the radical white nationalists are “Very fine people”.

Here is a reaction to the protests by our very own president, Mr. Donald Trump:

However there are actual war veterans, unlike Trump, that believe in taking a knee to fight for equality and justice. This country is going down hill at this point and the real problems this country has aren’t going away. Bigger problems such as racial profiling, lack of equality and justice for all, and other things the country is supposed to stand for.

Only thing left to do is hang in there and fight for what you believe in, just as the NFL has.

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