For over two decades, Serena Williams has been hailed as the unofficial “Queen of the court” and has garnered the admiration of millions of fans. From her humble beginning as a child tennis prodigy to a golden career which includes 23 grand slam titles, one can almost forget that Williams is just as human as the rest of us.

Upon announcing her departure from tennis in August 2022, it should come as no surprise that the 40 year old wife and mother of one would want to take the time to devote to her family as well as other endeavors. Bidding Williams farewell is a melancholic closure to one of tennis’ most successful careers. Perhaps it is only right that the path be made for a new upcoming champion to ascend to the spotlight.

Like her predecessors, she now has crossed into a new chapter where she realizes it is time to depart. It is saddening to see Williams leave, yet one can only applaud and respect her decision. There are few who have sat on the pedestal as long as Williams, her spirit will continue to thrive upon the courts. Aside from family matters, her very own venture capital has proved to be exceptionally lucrative and Williams plans to invest more of her attention into its operation.

The thought of tennis championships without Williams presence is odd to comprehend yet the living legacy she will leave will serve as an inspiration that will transcend itself for generations to come.

Regarded as the GOAT of tennis, Williams has been consistently ranked high on the hierarchy of the sport for nearly a quarter century. Her determination, strategy, and strength are what have sculpted her into arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Tennis had been a sport which was long dominated by men for many years. In the late 1920s, Helen Wills Moody broke the ice and would become the first woman #1 in world history. Frontrunners like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova also continued to pave the way and obtain prestige in their own rights. Williams is unique in that she has encompassed a career that has been one of the longest and if not, versatile.

In 1999, the then 18 year old made international headlines when she won her first singles and would continue on a roll that would seem almost unstoppable. In addition to her 23 grand slams, Williams also holds an equally impressive 14 grand slam doubles which she won along with her sister Venus.

Wimbledon without Williams is a notion that many may not be ready to readily accept yet one must accredit Williams for having to carefully make such a major decision. After all, tennis is what created her and will forever be her foundation to fame.

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