Since COVID cases are slowly starting to decrease and more people are getting vaccinated, theme parks in California are opening up. With theme parks reopening, California residents, specifically families, have more opportunities to spend time together in a public setting. This gives families a new routine and that is different from what they have been doing since the start of the pandemic.

Theme parks during the pandemic will have fewer crowds unlike before and will be required to keep social distance on rides. Fewer crowds give theme park guests more access to as many rides as they want to without worrying about long lines or being too close to other people. Arriving at a theme park early may not be an issue with the new COVID regulations, since the capacity is much smaller resulting in shorter lines.

Guests who live in California are the only ones permitted to visit the theme parks within the state, as well as the groups in attendance should only consist of no more than 3 households and each household will be required to be six feet apart on the rides. Depending on the theme park, there will be a limit of how many people that will be allowed to come into the park, leaving capacity at half or less from what it was pre-pandemic.

With the new COVID restrictions, the rides within the parks have their lines outside of their buildings rather than inside; for example, Space Mountain at Disneyland or Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios. The rides also close if too many guests lose their face masks and new masks are provided if guests do not have proper coverage. Furthermore, there are specified locations for guests to eat and drink that are spaced out accordingly.

In addition to guest guidelines, theme park workers are required to keep the rides sanitized between guests and stand 6 feet away while waiting. All of the theme parks require reservations upon entry and check guest’s temperature before going in. Each cast member must be tested for COVID each week and are required to wear masks, including people who dress up as characters. If certain characters can not wear any masks then they need to maintain the social distance of six feet from the guests.

With everything that’s going on, opening up California’s theme parks is a good way to go back to normality. A possible trip to Disneyland or Universal will be a good way to relax from the stress of COVID and our everyday lives, giving us all an opportunity to be in public, doing an activity that veers away from our everyday routine.

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