The stay-at-home order is the right move to make. Teenagers are out on their spring break getting wasted, while others are on ventilators fighting for their lives. There are selfish individuals in this society, tests are limited, and our president fired the pandemic response team back in 2018. If Disneyland gets closed down, that’s a good reason if any to stay home. 

It is a common misconception that people 65 and up are at a higher risk of getting the virus, yet according to the CDC; one in five cases of COVID-19 are within the age groups of 20-44. This age group, at least from 20-25, are the most selfish people in this society. Governor Gavin Newsom was quick to call out all of the people out and about on beaches.

“Those young people are still out there on the beaches thinking it’s time to party,” said Mr. Newson reported by The Washington Times. “It’s time to grow up, time to wake up. Time to recognize that it’s not about the old folks, it’s about your impact on their lives. Don’t be selfish.

Our brains don’t develop fully until we are 25, yet anyone with half a brain can see that this pandemic is deadly and one person can easily put 1,000 people at risk as a carrier of COVID-19. 

This “stay-at-home order” is definitely affecting jobs and people’s incomes. Essential workers are also at risk as well, and it’s very sad that people cannot obtain a steady income at this time; yet we would be better off having just a couple thousands in our hospitals than millions.

“This is the moment we need to make tough decisions. We need to recognise reality.” said Governor Gavin Newsom to BBC.

As for schools and colleges, this has been a very crazy time for many students, students are trying their best to transition into online classes. It also doesn’t help when students are receiving COVID-19 update emails from their school at different times of the day, anywhere from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. It can prohibit people from receiving vital information and cause even more panic.

With the growing number of cases it can be hard to stay calm and remain at peace during this time. When people aren’t maintaining a six feet distance and people are partaking in viral “coronavirus challenges” by licking public toilet seats, those people are putting everyone else at risk. 

“Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” said the article from People stated above.

There is no doubt that this virus is affecting everyone on a very global scale. It can be a very traumatizing, scary time for some people. Firefighters, for instance, are at the frontlines of this virus alongside doctors.

So with all of this being said, stay home. Life is not to be risked for non essential activities. One person can easily affect 1,000 people. 

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